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Mission: to motivate and empower clients to:
• Find and operate from their personal power,
• Realize and take action toward their life's purpose,
• Live life with continuous joy and fulfillment

About Me

Tony Pizza Life Coach

Tony Frank Pizza

Husband and life partner to love of my life Kristy

Father of four • 2 by birth, 2 by marriage

Co-Facilitator of the Utah Men's Circle

Avid Rock Climber, Outdoorsman, Adventure

Select Life Highlights

  • United States Marine (1999-2004)

  • B.S. English from U of U (2010)

  • Journalist (2007 - 2010)

  • Middle School English Teacher (2010 - 2022)

  • Practicing Yogi (Since 2016)

  • Certified Life Coach (2021)

  • Co-Leader of the Utah Men's Circle (Since 2022)

  • Left Mormon Church (2008)

There's always some trepidation sharing your story and not having much control over how an audience receives it. I find myself taking the same advice I'd offer a client: live authentically, surrender expectations, and trust the flow of the universe.


If my life was laid out like a resume, it would read something like this: military and journalism experience, father, and three marriages. That number used to bring a cringing feeling. I also admit I don't really care what others think about that number anymore, and that's liberating. It's been my path and it doesn't make me less equipped to help. In fact, I tell others: "I've explored the mountain from many angles, hence, what I have to say about it comes from a place of experience. What the resume wouldn't say, but what the interview might say is this: "I am able to see my life in the light of knowing what I was seeking in all these places, and why I was finding so many dead ends. (In actuality these "dead-ends" have been rich lessons that help me to better understand who I am better.)


My ego dwelled for 37 years in a foundation built on people pleasing and external validation. Being the oldest grandchild brought me a ton of external validation, but also instilled a propensity to become partially dependent on other people’s opinions. My parents divorcing when I was 8 helped season me, living with my dad was atypical at the time, and having our four siblings being split between two households (My younger brother and I lived with my dad, my younger sister and youngest brother lived with my mom). Being a lover of humans, I was constantly edified when I felt that love returned. Sexual traumas happened in my upbringing that caused me to mistrust divine masculinity; and it has been a journey to reconcile what has happened, forgive the mishandlers, and discover that true masculinity wasn’t what I was experiencing in my youth. I've unveiled these to you in a matter of sentences. In reality, the unveiling process took me my entire adult life as I peeled back one layer after another. The first, and most difficult layer, was awareness that I wasn't happy and I could actually do something about it. Then came the peeling of each layer, which often left me raw, until I recognized the source of my discontent. Then, there was the period of slowly but surely coming to terms with all of those pieces. I don't expect that journey to really ever reach a completion, but like a hike, I can sometimes look back to where I've come from and be in such ecstatic joy with how far I've come and how much more free, alive, and authentic I feel.


This brings me to my most pivotal and bravest choice of my life.


I dissolved my third marriage to a very lovely human and sold my house on purpose; that is to say with complete and present intent. It might be the first choice I ever made under those conditions.


The decision came shortly after being introduced to yoga. That introduction felt like a return home and that feeling was critical for it gave me a context to base all other feelings off of. I had a glimpse of a deeper happiness and peacefulness from a  book my best friend and fellow veteran had given me 10 years earlier. The Alchemist  inspired me beyond anything I'd ever felt.


I gave my marriage some time to see if it aligned, yet every hike, meditation, and journal contemplation came back a definitive, "No." The ultimate talk involved the expressions, "I only see us being 80 percent happy this way." "The path you want and the path I want are very different." I traveled to Cuba, Peru, and Guatemala. I found healing and light on the things my ego had been suffering though. When I found meditation and breathwork, I realized that I was being fulfilled through my middle school teaching career, but it was a false summit. There was another type of teaching, relating, and healing that was even more aligned to my authenticity and purpose. I read The Way of the Superior Man after a friend from a men's group suggested it three years earlier. When I reached out to thank the friend for such a great suggestion, he asked about my life. I told him I was contemplating changing careers. There was something beyond teaching middle school English for me, higher up the mountain I'd already been climbing. It turns out he had been coaching for 13 years and offered to involve me in a group of people he was mentoring. That's how I learned about my true summit and have been on that path ever since.


In that process, I also found an extremely challenging situation of dissolving what felt like my soul relationship. I spent almost a year apart from her with almost no contact, and went to work on an even deeper level of self discovery, reconciliation, and personal growth and expansion. When we realigned, I felt like a changed person and appreciated every moment of that difficult experience and for what it helped refine within me, a deep and loving relationship within myself, leading to the ability to have better relationships and make more aligned choices outside of myself.


I share this as encouragement to show up exactly who you are and realize that you are exactly on time. I needed three marriages; I needed books to collect dust on my shelves for years. All this collecting and exploring led me to mu deep knowing. My invitation to you is to see if any of the tools I've learned can help you find your deep knowing and use that as a guide to your highest self.



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