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What to Expect:

***New Dates / Investment***

It is from our selves that all possibilities and all limitations radiate. The purpose of this course is to gather individuals together to create a community of purpose and growth. In my experience as a certified life coach, there’s nothing more important than establishing one’s relationship with self. Through my experience as a 5-year Marine Vet, 12-year teacher, and co-facilitator of the Utah Men’s Circle, I’ve witnessed the impact that community can have on one’s growth. Return to Center is a course that focuses on reuniting with one’s deepest self within the safe container of a supportive, close-knit community and container. If finances are a concern, I encourage you to reach out. Accommodations will always be considered. My belief, first and foremost, will be on the work.

Each Session Will Include:

  • Meditation to ground into self and space.

  • Personal Check-ins.

  • Habit Stack / Previous Concept Incorporation.

  • New Concept Dive-in.

  • Concept Discussion.

  • Concept Break-outs w/ Partners.

  • Journaling & Bujo Prompts

  • Session Stack & Closing.

Weekly Concepts Covered:

  • W1 - Understanding Deepest Desires

  • W2 - Developing Awareness

  • W3 - Understanding Purpose & Drive

  • W4- Inner / Outer Boundaries

  • W5- Understanding Joy

  • W6- Consistency & Habits

  • W7- Edges & Patience

  • W8- Embracing Life


​$240 Investment

Financial arrangements can be made.

One Scholarship Spot Available. (Inquire for more details.)

Payment Accepted Through Venmo.

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