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Coaching Information

Mission: to motivate and empower clients to:
• Find and operate from their personal power,
• Realize and take action toward their life's purpose,
• Live life with continuous joy and fulfillment

Session Details & FAQ

Session Details

Tony Pizza Life Coach

• Session Length: 60-75 minutes

• Where: Most Clients Prefer Virtual Session. 

I also meet at client's homes, local coffee shops, or local parks and trails, especially to pair nature, movement, and coaching.

• When: Coordinated through collective schedules.

Weekdays • Before 9:00 AM, • Lunch Hours 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM • After 5 PM

Weekends • 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

• Who: I've worked with a wide range of clients.

I've worked with men, women, couples, and teenagers.

• Why: Clients seek coaching for a variety of different reasons, including:

     • Romantic Relationship Transition

     • Faith Transition

     • Occupation Transition

     • Romantic Relationship Improvement

     • Familial Relationship Improvement (Parent / Child)

     • Business Start-up

     • Life Fulfillment / Purpose / Direction

     • Masculine Empowerment

     • Addiction

     • Life Optimization


One-Off Session

Session Cost:


Payable through Cash/Venmo

• Tier 1 Comms

Bundle Session

4-Session Cost:


Pre-Pay before second session. $95 / session.

• Tier 2 Comms

Season Session

3-Month Cost:


1/2 after first session;

full payment by 6 weeks.

Up to 15 sessions • Tier 3 Comms


Tier 1

• Session Summary

• 1 Follow-up Marco Polo / Voice Note

Tier 2

• 4 Session Summaries 

• 1 Completion Summary

• Weekly Follow-up Marco Polo / Voice Note

• Text Check-ins

• Emergency Contact

Tier 3

• 15 Session Summaries 

• 1 Mid-Season Summary

• 1 Completion Summary 

• Unlimited Marco Polos / Voice Notes

• Text Check-ins

• Emergency Contact

• Weekly Breathwork / Meditation Sessions

• Entry into Algiz Guard

• Coaching Retreat Access


Is Coaching A Good Alternative to Therapy?

Coaching is usually a great compliment to therapy; however, it is not a substitute for therapy.

Generally speaking, coaches operate without a clinical therapy license and don't possess the education and training necessary to deal with many specialized psychological conditions including PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, addictions, and the wide array of trauma therapies. A good rule of thumb: Therapists are beneficial to help regulate a person's emotional, psychological, and even physical states to a baseline regulation and beyond. Coaches are most useful when this baseline regulation has been achieved so the focus can be on thriving and optimization.  Borrowing from the coaching world, coaches can help a team function at a high level and achieve goals like winning. Coaches wouldn't be qualified to repair torn ligaments in a knee injury. They can help the player support their healing, and work hand-in-hand with the physician in recovery, and help them maintain a positive attitude during recovery in hopes of helping them transition back to competing at their full potential.

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