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Coaching Information

Mission: to motivate and empower clients to:
• Find and operate from their personal power,
• Realize and take action toward their life's purpose,
• Live life with continuous joy and fulfillment


Discovery Session

Sacred Sons Event

Discovery Calls are always free. I want you to feel good about your investment. You need to get a feel for my personality and style of questions, conceptualization, and the tools we'll be using. 

We will usually tackle a tangential issue or a low-level concern to start so that the discovery session is straightforward and there's a chance to experience the main steps of the coaching process.

   1) Awareness of the issue.

   2) Discovery of Root Causes

   3) Ownership of the issue's components.

   4) Identification of desired outcome.

   5) Strategies and tools to more toward the goal.

Client and I will leave the Discovery Session with a general understanding of the method and style. I always suggest taking at least 24-hours for both parties to consider if this relationship is a good fit.

Reoccuring Sessions

Man Getting Hair Cut

Not all sessions come with a free haircut, but sometimes clients and I come up with clever ways to gain empowerment and awareness.

Crater Lake Jump

My own messy, wonderful life is often the basis for my  insight, metaphors, and justification. I'd never ask a client to do something I hadn't already tested with my one precious life.

Every client is different, and every stage of the process is different, so defining a typical session is a little challenging. The easiest way to conceptualize is to outline some typical ingredients to most sessions.

• Drop In: 

We will spend time in brief meditation, breath work, or other grounding exercises to arrive and make the most of our session.

• Check-in: 

We will revisit any homework from the past session, and discuss what has been present since the last session.

• Identification: 

Identify any area or issue that feels the most supportive, or the issue that is most distracting toward the goals established.

• Inventory: 

Layout all elements of the issue, tie actions, feelings, thoughts to established concepts or reveal deeper insights.

• Intention: 

Reminder of the overall goal to guide the strategy for the immediate challenge or success. 

• Action: 

Discuss actions and practices to incorporate into life to help course correct or further encourage. This can include things to read, actions to practice, and observations to bring awareness to.

Ready to Optimize Your Path?

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