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Hey! I'm Tony, founder of Wayfinders Coaching. I've been seeing virtual and in-person clients since 2021. I also co-facilitate a local men's healthy embodiment group here in Utah.

I'm thrilled you're here and ready to explore.


While therapy's main purpose is reconciling the past self, Life Coaching is planting the seeds for the future self. 

At Wayfinders Coaching, you'll set the vision for the future, and we'll empower you with the tools to move forward while releasing the past. 

Face painted sacred ceremony

•Articulate life's purpose & direction.

• Identify patterns and challenges.

• Cultivate awareness through mindfulness practices.

• Reframe mindset, build habits.

• Develop gap of discernment.

• Master a deep love for one's life experience.


Wayfinders have traditionally been stars, mountain ranges, or rock cairns that guide route or path  finding when a distinguished way was unavailable or yet to be formed. Since I became certified as a life coach in 2021, the metaphor has seemed perfect. The point of a coach is to understand what makes a client's heart beat, understand where they want to go in life, and then help identify reference points and tools along each unique path.

There's absolutely no room for one-size-fits-all in this brand of coaching.



Helping others love their life starting with learning to love mine.

Rock Climbing • Traveling • Facilitating Men's Circles • Exploring • Internal Work • Relationships

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