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Mission: to motivate and empower clients to:
• Find and operate from their personal power,
• Realize and take action toward their life's purpose,
• Live life with continuous joy and fulfillment


What's a Wayfinder?

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I remember getting my drivers license while driving the streets of Salt Lake City, Utah, before the age of GPS or even the now-outdated MapQuest. It was never hard to figure out which way was East, West, or even North. That's the benefit of living in a valley with the gigantic range of mountains that border both the East and West ends of the Salt Lake Valley.  I suppose I appreciated wayfinders before I even knew what they were.

Historically, Wayfinders have been used to help guide explorers when there is no discernible path. Sailors used stars, explorers used geographical features, modern hikers even use cairns. This always felt metaphorically similar to life coaching.

I don't believe any human on earth is qualified to tell another person how they "should" live their life. In fact, I try to remove the word should from my vocabulary completely. Every single human life is a deeply unique experience. Sure if you live in the same town, practice the same religion, or have the same parents, there will be a lot of similar touch points and cross over. Nobody will have the same life adventure as another. How could anyone else be an expert?

However, to draw on the wisdom of my coaching mentor, K.C. Hildreth, it will always be able to see the ink on someone else's face better than you can see the ink on yours. Life coaching, then, is the ability to help a person tap into their own inner wisdom, use one's own personal guidance system and personal prompts, to allow that person the best chance at living a fulfilling and meaningful life according to their personal preferences and composition. 

In other words, Life Coaching isn't about imparting my wisdom on how a client should live his or her life. It's about using my wisdom to get each client to recognize their own.

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