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Find your WHY, Find your WAY

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Our basic philosophy

I’ve asked students intentionally hard definition questions in my middle school classes, primarily because of the discussion it elicits. An example is, “What is love?” The perfect answer is breaking into song with, “Baby, don’t hurt me, no more.” Nobody has offered that yet; instead, students take turns going down the dark tunnel, approaching the light of truth on the other side. One can see the wheels turning, but putting something into conceptual thought isn’t always easy or fast.

Finding one’s WHY can be similar.

I was talking with my first-ever client (name withheld with respect to privacy) about scheduling for our next discussion and she mentioned she had not really found the answer to her WHY. I laughed and texted, “I’ve been asking myself this for awhile and I’m still not sure I’ve completely landed on mine.” It’s been two years.

Perhaps our big WHY is an evolving thing and too precious to define in a temporary moment of thought. The suggestion of finding your WHY is the main goal, but not one that demands a quick answer.

The “Why” I’m talking about is the temporary why. Why do I want to exercise? Why do I want that donut. Why am I going to work? Why do I feel sad? Why am I offended? Why do I hate the smell of brownies?

These temporary why’s are root of mindfulness and intentionality. They are easy to ask, they aren’t always easy to answer, but the main difficulty is they could be asked constantly and without end. I’m sure you’ve played that game with a kid. “Why is the sky blue?” and they keep asking questions until you finally say, “BECAUSE!” and leave it at that.

The main point of “Why” is to be more discerning about what’s important, and to start recognizing what might not be. This leads to stronger commitment and easier release depending on how you see it, thus clarifying your role in untangling life’s beautiful knot. #namaste #alchemy #creation #findyourwhy

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