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Manifestation Magic

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

(Week 2 of Social Media Experiment)

Ugh…not another obnoxious spiritual buzz word.

Those have been my thoughts around that word for some time. Maybe it’s being an Earth Sign or (insert other spiritual verbiage) but I have a hard time stepping into the magical realm. I do, however, believe that magic exists, and love when science can help my logical brain understand it.

Let’s consider the idea of magic really quickly…

If a person from any time before, say, the 1920s was magically transported to 2023, can you fathom how much magic exists?

  • Airplanes fly around the world.

  • We can to anyone, anywhere without wires.

  • We can pay for things without the physical necessity of money.

  • I can stream a movie to my home in a matter of seconds.

In a way, science has a way of demystifying things, and perhaps making them feel less magical when in fact, nature is doing the same thing, we can either harness it, or understand it a lot better than before. Perhaps magic even requires a little naivety for it to still posses its wonder. For me, I actually become more impressed that the magic is grounded in actuality.

If you still want the mystique and magic around manifestation, stop reading. If you’re curious about the science behind manifestation and magic, let this provide perspective and / or insight.

Quantum Physics

Want to read a really cool book that makes the quantum field make sense in an easy way? Read Joe Dispenza’s Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and Bruce Lipton’s The Biology of Belief.

Here’s the deal about matter. It’s been misunderstood by science for a long time. It was perceived to exist as static particles of energy. New science is suggesting that matter actually acts as particles in some instance, and waves in another. Why does this matter? Thing that determines the way matter functions involves awareness and observation.

Here’s a cool video showing the experiment that gives insight into this magic: The ability for awareness to change matter is a mind blowing revelation. The other thing that quantum physics helps to explain is the possibility for time travel, in a sense. The theory goes that infinite possibilities exist in the quantum field. For something to happen in our perceived version of reality, these infinite possibilities collapse into an “event.” Because those possibilities still exist in the quantum field, having a current event impact the future, or (even more mind blowing) the past, we are constantly shaping our past, present, and future. This is particularly cool for the reality that are currently experiencing, and the reality we hope to one day experience, in other words: Manifestation.

Here’s the thing about awareness impacting matter:

As Dispenza simplifies conducted experiments, matter being impacted by awareness takes a very specific type of awareness. You might call it, full awareness.

Let’s use a sailboat to explain this:

When waves are concentric, meaning they have the same center or source, they have increased amplitude. In other words, they have more energy. This increased energy is exchanged in impact, power, etc.

Aligning Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions is like getting a boat to coordinate favorable wind, current, and boat direction.
Manifestation Magic

Take a sailboat that is sailing towards a direction, but has to fight a head wind, or a current that is moving in the opposite direction. These opposing forces create interference. Ideally, all these forces work together to increase the amplitude or effect.

If a sailboat is to most effectively reach a destination, its bow is pointed in the desired direction. The current of the water, and the direction of wind do the same.

Take this metaphor and transfer it to manifestation:

When your thoughts are focused in one direction, it’s like the wind supporting the sails.

When your feelings and emotions are focused in the same direction, it’s like the current.

When your actions are added, it’s like pointing the bow where you want to head.

Add in some oars pulling the boat toward the destination, and from a creation standpoint, this is the ideal circumstance to turn all forms of matter (which is just energy) into a desired direction.

Here’s the first of three tricks:

Trick No. 1: Practice Dissolving Doubt

What interferes most with this model in human experience? Fear. Fear disrupts the mind’s ability to focus, and dramatically impacts emotions.

When you believe in something, like truly believe in something, the mind and heart are in-sync. If doubt comes in, it disintegrates like an astroid approaching the sun. Actions put us in the pathways of our intentions, and is a demonstration of what we believe and feel. Practice dissolving doubt. Practice encouraging the most positive outcome to dominate your thoughts. Negative thoughts passively get in all the time. The same phenomenon is true with healthy food. It’s a lot of easier to eat tasty junk food, until there’s a conscious effort to pay attention to how healthy food makes us feel.

Trick No. 2: Broadcast a Different Frequency

A lot of mindfulness is a focus on what is there. What’s the present. This is a helpful way to take inventory. There’s a lot of disadvantages to ignoring and bypassing. Low oil turns into broken engines, small cavities turn into root canals, not addressing small needs leads to dissolving relationships. Only focusing here, keeps things in a washing machine cycle.

Breaking free of any orbit means directing energy in an opposing direction. If you want to break free from where you’re at, the first thing is to start mentally putting yourself on a different channel and building a new foundation there. Paying attention to what your broadcasting starts with the fundamental belief. Want to experience abundance? You’ve got to feel abundant and think abundantly. Only you’ll know when you’re faking it or not, but one thing is for certain. You will know when you’re faking it, and it’s amazing to consider what can happen when you’re not faking it. Placebo effect is a real thing when considering health and healing. This is 100 percent a reflection of mentality and not a chemical.

For more on this phenomenon, this article is interesting:

Trick No. 3: Manifestation is like Amazon.

You’re scrolling through Amazon and you find the perfect item for your home. You order it, and anticipate its arrival. All of the sudden you change your mind about the color, so you alter your order, and hit submit again. Then you decide you want it a little faster, so you change the delivery date. Then you remember you’re going to be at your mom’s that day, so you change the delivery destination. Then you remember you wanted to earn credit card points so you change the payment method.

This might seem like a ridiculous example, yet this is how so many people order from the Universe. It’s easy to be unclear about what we want, and then when we set our mind on what we want to invite in, we are constantly changing it, or even inviting doubt on whether we deserve it, or if we’ll be happy when it gets delivered. These constant changes are like changing your Amazon order over and over. The chances of you getting what you want is compromised, and the timing of it is most assuredly delayed. Being clear and specific about what you want to invite in is crucial. Spending energy holding the possibility of fulfillment is much more valuable than spending energy changing, doubting, and broadcasting a competing intention.

Bonus Trick:

Clarify the WHAT and the WHY, leave the WHEN and HOW up to the universe and be open to the cosmic surprise.

This is fairly self explanatory, and a truly invigorating way to live life.

Overall, being clear with an intention and practicing believing in it with the full range of heart and mind is valuable. Consistently reminding yourself of this is as valuable as bathing. Sure we might take a shower and be clean for a moment, but over time, we have to repeat the cycle to be clean again. Manifestations and goals are the same thing. The reminder reignites the emotions, which are as much about the mental and emotional maintenance as anything. The final step that’s easy to miss is the action. Even if your step doesn’t take you directly to your goal, action is the energetic investment in the goal. Not only does it bring you a step closer, but it’s a sign to yourself that the feelings in your heart, and the thoughts in your mind create a result. Layering these results on top of each other is the only way for progress. The magic behind this is that this creates an energetic magnet. You are literally magnetizing yourself to the experiences and conditions that you so eagerly desire. The beauty is watching how the physical world begins to respond to you. While some might call this magic, a physicist might call this collapsing the field of potential into a desirable event. Either way, the feeling is amazing.

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