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Updated: Dec 13, 2022

An artist was roaming through Florentine marble yards one day. Though a straight monolith was ideal, a slanted slab caught the renaissance artist’s eye. Upon delivery, the sculpture began work on a homage to human form and a testament to the artist’s skill.

When asked how he was able to create “The David,” Michelangelo reportedly said, “I simply removed all the parts that weren’t David.”

This story related to me by Jeff Olson resonated deeply.

In reading The Way of Integrity by Martha Beck, I’m rapidly identifying things I carry that

aren’t Tony. Excess fat, social media distractions, lacking gratitude and presence in the moment are a few marble shards that aren’t Me.

In Iron John a boy loses a golden ball which represents his authentic self. The ball rolls into a cave with a steel bars baring the entrance. Inside is Iron John, the Wild Man. Iron John promises to return the golden ball upon his release and show the boy the way back to freedom.

These stories feel like Wayfinders, pointing me back to my truth. I intend to enter into that cave with Iron John for a while, lock the gate, look at my fears, question their truth as Dante did in the Inferno, and shed all the non-Tony bullshit before emerging.

Fears abound:

“Doesn’t sharing this contradict your purpose?”

“(Impostor syndrome alert).”

“How the hell will your coaching business grow?”

It feels a little like jumping into the ocean and intentionally leaving the life raft behind.

Then, I remember The Alchemist the impetus my awakening. Santiago sold his sheep, was subsequently robbed of everything, and went on a journey that ironically led him back to where he started. But the experience taught him trust in his personal legend and the power of the Universe.

The one integral piece of this all: “How can I run a practice called “Wayfinders” if I don’t trust and follow the “ways” presented to me?”

I’ll be updating my weekly blog and still doing client work. Links to connect with those can be found on this website.

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