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For My 44th Lap: A Year Away From Social Media

My Discomfort Experiment

For many, New Years is the time when folks make resolutions. I’ve often viewed the turning of a calendar year as a social norm, yet also an arbitrary end / beginning. For me, one’s birthday is a much more potent period of renewal and reflection.

I’ve spent some time listening to books on defining values, and even doing time audits to consider where my time is spent. I’ve spent even more time considering how I’m not spending my time in ways that I wish I was. Ironically, wishes are just that until action follows up desire.

I like to use a few guiding questions on where to point my compass, and here have been a few that have really resonated with me lately:

  • What am I scared of and what boundaries is this asking me to expand upon?

  • In 30 years, what will I regret not having taken the time to start today?

  • When I find myself judging others, what are they really mirroring that’s really a judgement of myself?

I’ve landed on a few things that I intend to shape my 44th lap around the sun, which starts today.

  • I am scared of dedicating myself to the things I really care about. It seems so much easier to chalk failure up to an excuse rather than seeing what my full effort and attention can produce.

I find myself with a few goals that I’ve shrunk from because of that mindset:

  • Full investment in my relationship with my life partner.

  • Fully developing a coaching practice.

  • Realizing the capability of my body.

  • Owning a house and creating a home out of it.

I also have a few things that I know that I’m meant to do, and will be disappointed if I don’t strive for them.

  • I’ve wanted to write a short story all of my adult life.

  • I’ve wanted to explore my peak physical condition, strength, conditioning, and flexibility wise.

  • I want to read more books and understand life more deeply and expansively.

When I find myself judging others, the most common theme is not putting their money where their mouths are, and being brave enough to follow-up on what they want.

The first day of my body on the way to Peak Condition
Day One of Lap 44

One of my biggest fears has been to leave social media for an extended period of time. What will I miss out on? What will I do without that dopamine hit of showing off aspects of my life? And the biggest: How could I ever expect to grow a coaching practice if I leave one of the biggest platforms for potential clients?

The truth is, how can I afford to encourage others to follow their path and listen to their deepest integrity, if I’m not willing to do that for myself? I don’t need to buy a plane ticket in order to embark on the biggest adventure of my life. I need to be willing to just dedicate myself to it.

Here are my intentions for my 44th lap around the Sun:

  • Marry my best friend and buy a house with her.

  • Be in the best physical shape of my life.

  • Grow my coaching business.

  • Write a short story.

  • Eliminate my debt.

  • Experience and document a year away from social media.

For my own accountability, I leave this post here for all to see. If you’re interested in following my journey, consider subscribing to this blog here.


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06. Sept. 2023
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I am excited for this new path you've set out upon. You may inspire someone (me) to do some of the same things. I'll look for your public words here in my email box even though I'm lucky enough to have a front row seat to what you choose to give your time to. Love you!

Gefällt mir
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